Pees & Queues, by Jenny Hobbs

Pees and Queues

Pees & Queues, co-authored with Tim Couzens (Spearhead, Johannesburg, 1999)

What the blurb says:

“Following in the tradition of The Specialist and Temples of Convenience & Chambers of Delight, Pees & Queues is a delightful book about the lore of the loo. While international, it is primarily a view from a South African loo which includes facts, figures, news items, book extracts and anecdotes about conveniences and inconveniences, long-drops and PKs, chamber pots and bidets and a whole range of usage and customs. Co-written by Professor Tim Couzens, a literary historian with a plumbing background who divides his time between Johannesburg and Pofadder, and novelist Jenny Hobbs, who seldom has enough time to divide, it will keep you glued to your seat.”