Kitchen Boy, by Jenny Hobbs

Kitchen Boy

Kitchen Boy (Umuzi, 2011) is a novel about a young war hero and rugby Springbok who makes a mistake that dogs him all his life, and about the long-term effects of war on his family, war comrades, friends and associates, mostly set in Natal (as it then was) and POW camps.

What the back cover says:

“Luck matters. Life is chancy. An oval ball can bounce any way. Springbok legend, celebrated war hero, thriving businessman – that was JJ Kitching, known to all as Kitchen Boy. His was a life as large as a sports stadium, as thrilling as baling out of a burning war plane. Now he lies dead in his coffin in a Durban cathedral and his life is relived as funeral goers remember a glowing Natal childhood, the thunder of the rugby field, the joys and sorrows of family. But at the core of the man remained, to the end, the memory of WWII and how it could reduce even the bravest of men.”

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Reading Matters – 24 March 2011 with Sue Grant-Marshall – Guest – Jenny Hobbs -author and co-founder of the Franschhoek Literary Festival (FLF)
Sue Grant-Marshall -chatted to Jenny Hobbs author about her latest book “Kitchen Boy” and the fifth Franschhoek Literary Festival which will take place from 13 to 15 May 2011.

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