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Non-Fiction literary works by Jenny Hobbs

A Quotionary

The ultimate collection of quotations about writing and writers compiled by Jenny hobbs, one of South Africa’s most passionate and knowledgeable literary figures. In this updated edition of a previous collection Hobbs gathers together more than 5000 quotes about writers and writing, storytelling, fiction, literature, novels and novelists. All royalties will go to the Franschhoek Literary Festival’s Library Fund.

ISbN (ePub) 978-1-928216-52-0 ISbN (mobi) 978-1-928216-53-7 Category: Reference | RRP: R100 | Publication date: 12 January 2015

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Paper Prophets

Paper Prophets: A Treasury of Quotations About Writers and Writing (Zebra Press, Johannesburg, 1998) is a collection of quotes about writers and writing.

What the blurb says:

Paper Prophets is a book of quotations for readers, writers and would-be writers…an entertaining romp in the pastures of the written word.  Here are writers both literary and popular expounding on their views, disclosing their secrets, dropping hints, sounding warnings, taking digs at their peers and shouting the praises of their craft. Give Paper Prophets to someone who loves reading or aspires to write, or better still, take it home and hog it yourself.  Who knows, you may end up following in the steps of Athol Fugard, who once said, `When I start writing, it’s like going on a journey, on a great adventure; I set sail again on the great mythic voyage of discovery’.

Pees and Queues

Pees & Queues, co-authored with Tim Couzens (Spearhead, Johannesburg, 1999)

What the blurb says:

“Following in the tradition of The Specialist and Temples of Convenience & Chambers of Delight, Pees & Queues is a delightful book about the lore of the loo. While international, it is primarily a view from a South African loo which includes facts, figures, news items, book extracts and anecdotes about conveniences and inconveniences, long-drops and PKs, chamber pots and bidets and a whole range of usage and customs. Co-written by Professor Tim Couzens, a literary historian with a plumbing background who divides his time between Johannesburg and Pofadder, and novelist Jenny Hobbs, who seldom has enough time to divide, it will keep you glued to your seat.”

First Aid for the Family

(Southern Book Publishers, in association with the South African Red Cross, 1987)

“Every day people get hurt in accidents, fighting and dangerous conditions like fires, storms, floods and extreme cold. Members of your own family may suffer heart attacks, strokes, broken bones, fits, fevers, serious bleeding or sudden bad illnesses like gastro-enteritis, which can lead to death in a small baby within hours. First Aid for the Family tells you exactly what to do when someone is hurt or gets very sick. It tells you when to call for help, what to do while you wait for help to come, and what to do if you cannot get help… In trouble times like ours especially, everyone needs access to knowledge that can help people who are suffering and save lives.”